GOD SQUAD - Youth Ministry

Being a teenager is not easy. Being a Christian teenager has even more challenges in this world. In addition to being far from home in a foreign culture gives an added dimension of difficulty.

God Squad members will find a supportive, safe, scripture based environment where they can wrestle with their "teenagehood" and emerge better equipped to handle their soon to be adulthoods.

God Squad follows a trifold approach providing a comprehensive vision for equipping and encouraging Youth.

One-on-One Mentoring: is the primary core for God Squad.  Jim, along with a group of adult volunteers, engage interested Youth in one on one mentoring relationships intended to ensure as much spiritual guidance as possible that is tailored to each individual.

Group Meetings: the youth of God Squad occasionally gather for group activities ranging from serious topics to fun activities.

City Wide Events: God Squad also plans, promotes, and participates in city wide youth events to foster the establishment of vibrant relationships among the faithful English speaking youth of Budapest.

God Squad - Youth Ministry 

(for students 13-18 years of age)

For more info contact ibcbudapest@gmail.com