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This page is for videos between 1 Sep 2018 and Nov 2020.  Subsequent to that date you can find each Sunday's Worship Service Video on IBCB's

YouTube Channel

or Facebook Page

and on the News and Home Tab of this website for the current week.  Updated Sep 12, 2021

Our media page allows you to watch, listen, and download our sermons and  other ministry media from either Pastor Ed, Elders or visiting speakers. You can also download the resources attached to each media item, such as sermon notes, or any other documents associated with our messages. 

Pastor Ed has further materials about the current and recent Sermons Series here. 

While this page primarily is for audio files, Sunday's full sermons are available back to June 2016 at our

YouTube Channel roundedyoutube

Since this new IBCB website was just launched on Sep 1, 2018  weekly audio files will not be found prior to that date.

No Sermon recordings are available for  

Nov 17 2019 and Feb 16 2020 due to technical reasons.