Showing Christ through Pastoral Care   

Pastoral Care aims to share God’s love with each and everyone of our Church Family members and  is expressed and experienced through, personal visits,  phone contacts,  emailing, sharing over coffee or a meal, the provision of physical assistance and prayer throughout the week for and by each other.  

This takes place both with our Pastor and within the various ongoing small groups.

Pastor Ed and the Elders at IBCB want to make sure that those who have special needs or are going through particularly difficult times are receiving all appropriate assistance.  We encourage you to turn to Pastor Ed or one of the Elders to provide the support you seek.  Pastor Ed can be contacted directly here or an if you would like an Elder to contact you just write to

Pastor Ed Tarleton Jr., PhD

Pastor Ed joined IBCB on March 1, 2018. He has served in ministry for over 40 years in America, Russia, and Europe.


Pastor Ed grew up in the United States of America in Oklahoma.  Following his graduation from Oklahoma Baptist University (1982: Bachelor of Arts), he and his wife, Teri, moved to Kentucky, where they lived and served for 11 years.  Pastor Ed completed a Master of Divinity degree in 1985 and a PhD in Philosophy in 1990 at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  In 1994, Pastor Ed and his wife, along with their 4 young children, moved to Moscow, Russia to serve as missionaries.  Sadly, Teri died unexpectedly in their apartment in Moscow in 2008.  Pastor Ed continued to live and serve in Moscow as a widowed missionary until 2014 when he married his second wife, Mindy, and moved to Prague, Czech Republic. Pastor Ed and Mindy lived in Prague until moving to Budapest in 2018.  Unfortunately, following a long battle with breast cancer, Mindy died in 2021.  All 4 of Pastor Ed’s children are married, and he is the blessed grandfather of 9 grandchildren.  At the present time, all of his children and grandchildren are living in America.


Throughout his years of ministry, Pastor Ed has served in many roles ranging from Children’s and Youth ministry to teaching in University and Seminary to being a cross-cultural missionary and a local church pastor.  He has extensive experience in leadership development, strategic planning, compassionate listening, and sharing practical advice.  He is well known for his story telling, laughter, hospitality, and open heart to others.

Galatians 6:2 ESV

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.